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A rant to kick things off.
It wasn't enough that he cheated on me.

Oh, no. That was only the beginning.
When we got into that fight and he slammed the door and I drove off, and I thought it was the last I'd ever see of him...
Well, it wasn't.
Oh how it wasn't.

You see, he left me for some high school girl. Let's call her Carly. I'm crushed, mind you. He was my only boyfriend. He was my first everything. I thought I was gonna marry this guy... I dreamed of the day, I dreamed of our future... I truly believed he meant it when he told me he loved me.

I watched him rip it all apart.

My world was crumbling and burning all around me... I felt like I'd never be happy again... I just couldn't believe he would betray me that way...
Months passed... eventually I started seeing glimpses of light... things were looking up... I even went on a few dates. (Nothing that went anywhere beyond a week or two.) I thought I was starting to get over it.
Then guess who came knocking on my fucking door.
She cheated on him. She cheated on him! The karmic retribution was so delicious, I could have laughed.
Oh wait, I did laugh.
And I slammed that door in his snivelling slimy little face.
God that felt good.
But my joy was short-lived. He got pissed.
Petty little fuck.
I can't believe he did it.
People I'd known for years just....
turned against me for absolutely no reason at all. He's so manipulative. Just so charming and smooth. And they ate it up like the backstabbing idiots they are.

That was two months ago. I took some time away from the internet (and therefore the social network) to cool down. So now I'm starting fresh with my online presence. No more facebook. No more cell phone. No more old livejournal. I don't want any more drama bullshit.

On the day I came back, I got the email that my Pottermore account was ready. My username? NimbusWitch151.

So I made a new lj, and a new tumblr--actually my first--with this username. And already I'm feeling a lot better. Things are looking brighter. And I'm looking forward to start over, meet some new people, maybe make some new friends. (So if you're reading this because I randomly added you, hi :))

And I just found out that I'm in Ravenclaw.
Yep, things are looking up.


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